Celebrating Milestones: A Journey of Growth, Respect, and Love

Dec 11, 2023

Today marks a significant personal milestone that beautifully intertwines with the values I hold dear as a coach for senior lawyers. My spouse and I are celebrating our 12.5 year wedding anniversary. This journey, filled with love and mutual support, offers insightful parallels to the journey in the legal profession.

Growth Together, Strengthened by Love

Our marriage, much like a legal career, is a testament to growth and development. The path we’ve shared as life partners, enriched by deep affection and steadfast support. It’s about evolving together, overcoming challenges, and achieving shared goals. The love and admiration I have for my spouse have been a guiding light, just as a strong foundation is vital in any successful legal career.

Authenticity and Unconditional Support

At the heart of our marriage, and my coaching philosophy, is the power of authenticity and unconditional love. Being true to oneself and to each other, with all our unique qualities, is what makes both personal and professional relationships thrive. In the legal profession, embracing one’s authentic self leads to a more fulfilling career. Just as my spouse’s love has allowed me to be my true self, I encourage lawyers to find their genuine professional voice.

Respect and Admiration

The respect and admiration I have for my wife mirror the respect and admiration I advocate in professional settings. Celebrating each other’s strengths and supporting through challenges are vital, both in personal and in professional relationships. 


Reflecting on my 12.5 year marriage is a beautiful reminder of the importance of celebrating life’s milestones and the growth they bring. This anniversary highlights the significance of love, respect, and authenticity in all aspects of life. I encourage you to celebrate your milestones, and I invite senior lawyers seeking guidance and support to connect with me.