A Global Journey in Coaching and Consulting: My Evolving Career from the Netherlands to South Africa

Nov 10, 2023

For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of coaching senior lawyers and working as an executive search consultant for experienced legal professionals. This role has granted me profound insights into the legal sector and a network of unparalleled professionals worldwide.

Two and a half years ago, my family and I made a decision that would change our lives. We left the Netherlands, our familiar base, for new adventures – first in Bonaire, now in South Africa. These moves were more than a geographical shift; It represented a firm confirmation of my desire for a career and life characterized by both flexibility and independence.

Despite the changes in scenery, my core mission has remained the same: I create a world of fellowship through personal contacts. My personal and professional experiences laid a solid foundation for this mission, and today I continue this work from a global perspective.

This journey has not only enriched my professional life but also opened doors to a world of diverse cultures and new perspectives, both in the legal world and in our personal lives. It has taught me the invaluable worth of adaptability and cultural awareness, enriching our family with deeper insights into cross-cultural communication and emotional intelligence. Equally important is the power of networking, connecting us professionally and personally with people from around the globe.

For my wife and myself, this experience has not only deepened our relationship but also brought our family closer together. It has brought us valuable new friendships and enhanced many of our skills, particularly in diverse settings. This journey has taught us to think innovatively in a world that is constantly changing. It has personally challenged us, aiding in our personal and professional growth by pushing us out of our comfort zones.

For our children, this journey has opened doors to new languages, friendships from diverse cultures, and fostered an unprecedented level of adaptability and resilience. They have learned how to effectively communicate and empathize with peers from various backgrounds, preparing them for a rapidly changing world and an increasingly connected and multicultural global community.

Together, we have learned the importance of being open to new experiences and how these can enrich our lives, both professionally and personally. This journey has not only brought us closer as a family but also made us individually stronger.

By sharing this story, I hope to inspire others who are at a career crossroads. Whether you are considering a career leap, exploring a new market, or developing a new skill, remember that your unique journey is valuable and achievable.

Let’s share our experiences and support each other on our professional paths. I look forward to your stories about career development, change, and growth.